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"I was shocked at how quickly I began to access my intuition. The course is set up like an independent study, so that you can chose how much time to participate, from 0 to 60 minutes a day. It's simple and easy to follow, so I didn't feel overwhelmed. The music & video production along with Aurana's manner, make the course efficient and enjoyable. Totally worth it!

Barbara, North Carolina

You are a clever girl!  I think this is a fabulous opportunity for you to share your wealth of knowledge, experience, gift and insight.  I have already passed on your name and website details to friends/family as I feel I achieved success and certainty with L.I.V.E profoundly.

Jill, Australia

The 4-Steps to L.I.V.E. with INTUITION Experience On Line Course Includes:

An Insightful Video Introduction about Intuition

A Downloadable PDF Tap Intuit Workbook

Sixteen Video snippets to support and guide you through the weekly 4 L.I.V.E Steps and exercises

Daily emailed Intuition to do's to further cultivate your intuition.

An Inspiring Video Summary about Intuition

*optional: A Weekly Survey for your Progress


Frequently asked questions

What if I have a question about something amidst taking the course?

If you have a question about the course while taking the course feel free to email: info@aurana4u.com

Is this a guarantee that I will be more intuitive?

There is no guarantee. However, everyone thus far has, including the author of the course. Yet, the degree upon which their intuition is enhanced varies.

Why is there a no- refund policy?

Since the course is not designed with quantifiable measured outcome, meaning the outcome will be unique to each person, there isn't a bar to determine measurable value. This is seen as an opportunity and it's what the participant makes of it. The course outline is specifically described and clear upon signing up.

What if I want to take the course again?

This happens! As people may seek to brush up on the steps at different times in their lives. Second time participants receive the course at 50%; third time at 25% and the fourth time or more...free.