Use the Intuitively Guided System & Achieve your goals in 21 days


                      Individual & Team clients have achieved:

  • Career success

  • New Employement

  • Fulfilling romantic relationships

  • Weight loss

  • And more...  

    Sign up for the 21 Day Challenge and Achieve your goals now!

                                               How does it work?

  1. You will meet with an Intuitive Guide Consultant, where you will define your goal 

  2. You will create a mission statemet for your goal

  3. Your Intuitive guide will then set up a customized plan for you

  4. You will receive daily emailed assignments

  5. You will receive tri-weekly texts encouragement messages

  6. You will receive an emailed weekly progress check-in

  7. You will receive a mailed final certificate of achievment

*Change is not easy and results will vary pending participant commitment

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